Date: 10.09.2024       Location: Literaturhaus Munich


Welcome to the
TrueColors Conference 2024
in Munich


A gathering for professionals from agencies, prepress and printing companies, packaging specialists, and brands. 
The TrueColors Conference is the first of its kind, creating a platform that not only informs but also inspires, igniting enthusiasm for the future. With hands-on breakout sessions and visionary keynotes covering color management, workflow, packaging, publishing, and branding. 
Unboxing tomorrow – what will the future of packaging look like? Engage with representatives from leading solutions providers, debate with peers, and transform individual process steps into a shared, interdisciplinary mission.
Above the rooftops of Munich:
The Literaturhaus Munich is nestled in the heart of the city and, with its floor-to-ceiling glazed foyer, it offers breath-taking views of the adjacent Theatiner church – the perfect place for a lively exchange.

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Speaker Keynotes

Kim Cheng
(Former) Managing Director German Packaging Institute e.V.

Forward thinking – the future of packaging in a rapidly changing world
How European packaging regulations and consumer expectations meet.

Trained lawyer Kim Cheng not only describes the challenges of legal frameworks but also encourages a rethink of packaging, using concrete practical examples. While discussing trends and challenges, Cheng illuminates innovative solutions. It’s about creating a more sustainable brand world, a demand that’s not only driven by the law but also by the market.

The German Packaging Institute connects people from across the entire packaging value chain.

Jan Bredack
Founder and CEO Veganz

Are sustainable food companies no longer in vogue, or how can I effectively position a brand in the food retail industry?

Closing keynote to be announced shortly.

Contributors Breakout Sessions

Stefan Hilss
CEO Linked2Brands

Packaging for digital POS – expert interview about
e-commerce and premedia

Whether as physical packaging on shelves, digitally in webshops or as rich content on social media and in the metaverse, the brand experience today is more complex than ever. A transformation is underway, affecting both brands and their production partners. 

Premedia is much more than color separation. What role do CGI and other assets play in premedia today and in the future? Stefan Hilss provides answers and insights from real projects at Linked2Brands. 

Linked2Brands is a leading FMCG packaging production agency headquartered in Germany, with branches stretching from Mexico City to Ho-Chi-Minh City.

Margherita Trombetti
Project Manager, Policy Officer, Sustainability
AIM - European Brands Association

Packaging and Circular Economy:
Addressing tomorrow’s regulations with innovative solutions today

HolyGrail 2.0 – how digital watermarks enable smart packaging waste sorting.

Margherita Trombetti supports branded FMCG manufacturers on their journey towards greater sustainability – through the project management of the HolyGrail 2.0 Initiative for intelligent sorting, as well as advocacy to the EU institutions on relevant sustainability policy files. In her session, she discusses the Digital Watermarks Initiative, stating: “If producers were to embed material sorting information in existing print files, we would see a significant stride toward the circular economy.”

AIM, the European Brands Association represents branded fast-moving consumer goods manufacturers in Europe on key issues that affect their ability to design, distribute and market their brands.

Steffen Walter
Director Prepress & Print Solutions 

Digital printing – challenges and opportunities in the context of digitalization
Those who consistently face the challenges in prepress and color management will also recognize numerous opportunities for process optimization. 

Shorter delivery times, ever-smaller batch sizes – there’s no way around digital printing. It’s fortunate that the need for comprehensive digitization holds ample potential. Steffen Walter explores how digitization can significantly contribute to futureproofing a print business.

Founded in 1949, the family-owned company THIMM is one of the leading providers of packaging and distribution solutions for consumer goods.

Daniel Pammé, CEO KoRo Source (left)
Frank Plechschmidt, CEO Labelisten

From idea to shelf – it’s never been so simple! 
And it will get even easier! With digital printing and the latest software solutions, product launch lead times are getting ever shorter. 

“There’s no (delivery) time anymore,” say Daniel Pammé and Frank Plechschmidt. In their session, they share some key strategies for modern go-to-market processes in the fast-paced world of food, supplements, and cosmetics. 

KoRo Source is a subsidiary of KoRo Drogerie and offers a B2B sourcing solution.
Labelisten is a digital label and packaging printing company specializing in small brands and start-ups.

Andreas Kraushaar
Head of Prepress Technology at Fogra and Author of the ProcessStandard Digital (PSD)

Global quality management in packaging:
yesterday – today – tomorrow 

"The print quality system is not black and white," says Andreas Kraushaar. Rather than depending on reactive quality controls, he observes a shift towards proactive quality improvement. Using a practical example from REWE, Kraushaar illustrates how established processes from commercial printing can be adapted to packaging printing.

Fogra conducts research, testing, and certification for the printing and media industry.


“Our industry needs a different, much broader and deeper exchange with all stakeholders in the process”

Robert Weihing
Co-Founder, GMG

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